Our services

Provision of tissue and blood samples

HCB have solid or liquid tissue specimens available to use.


Hunter Cancer Biobank provides a number of immunohistochemistry services aimed at ensuring you achieve the highest quality results.


Tissue Microarray

Tissue microarray (TMA) can be used as a valuable, high-throughput diagnostic method. Allowing researchers to analyse several hundred different samples using just one paraffin block, a TMA can bring major economies in both time and consumables the cost to your research project.

Clinical trial provision

HCB are proud to be the research partners of NSW Health pathology Hunter and as such are the first point of call for local trial units requiring tissue for study screening or enrolment.

Cataloguing and storage

The HCB is one of the few accredited and NSW Health certified biobanks in Australia to store FFPE, frozen tissue and blood for use by researchers.

Blood processing

HCB have a team of highly skilled laboratory staff with extensive experience processing blood samples in line with our established protocols as well as trial/study specific protocols provided by research teams.

Kit preparation

If required, HCB have staff available for bespoke kit preparation and distribution for various multi-centre or large scale studies.

Protocol driven collections – logistics and coordination

HCB staff have established relationships within the Hunters clinical network and have set up numerous protocol driven collections within the local health district.

Virtual Biobank

The Virtual Biobank is an online platform that houses 2D and 3D microscopy datasets of valuable clinical biopsy samples.

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