Special Collections

The HCB has the capacity to store special collections for research as either: 

  1. Special collections collected within the HCB; or
  2. Collections donated by researchers from a project that may be able to benefit other researchers.

Currently the HCB have the following special collections:

The HCB with the support of the Mark Hughes Foundation have established a dedicated collection of brain cancer tissue samples for research. In conjunction with HCRA's Biomarkers and Targeted Therapies Flagship program brain cancer patients have also been included into a feasibiltiy study into the collection and storage of sequential blood samples.

Image of Sarah Nielsen and Craig Gedye for Brain Cancer Biobank

Find more information on the Mark Hughes Foundation Brain Cancer Biobank.

For access to solid tissue samples from the Brain Cancer Biobank please contact the HCB.

Image of blood sample being pipetted

The Sequential Blood Collection is a major initiative of the HCRA Biomarkers and Targeted Therapies Flagship program to investigate the potential of storing multiple samples from patients with cancer for research. 

Presently these samples are not available for general research as they are still part of a feasibility study and are being used for quality testing and pilot investigations.

Once the feasibility study has concluded the SBC may become part of the services provided by the HCB.

Find out more about the SBC

If you have a collection that could be added to the biobank and of benefit to other researchers please contact us

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